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[CCP Virus] What Is the Origin?

Since the #coronavirus [#ccpvirus] outbreak began, questions, speculations, and doubts have surrounded the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) handling of the situation. From the start, CCP has not been forthcoming with information about the virus. In the early days of the outbreak, medical professionals who sounded the alarm were reprimanded by police for spreading “rumors”… Later the situation became uncontrollable, the CCP said the virus originated at the Huanan Seafood Market; However, when it became clear that patient zero had no connection to the market, the CCP shifted its narrative to suggest that the virus originated in the United States and was brought to China by the U.S. military. Here, based on the above video, we seek to present some clues for our readers.

1. Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market

Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market was claimed to be the origin of the novel #coronavirus [#ccpvirus] by Chinese authorities. However, a lot of hints later implied that it was not that simple.

On Dec. 30th, an internal notice from Wuhan Health Commission (WHC) said, “There has been continuous occurrence of pneumonia cases of unknown cause at Huanan Seafood Market.” On Dec. 31st, WHC issued a public notice for the first time, saying that “Some medical institutions found a link between the pneumonia cases and the Huanan Seafood Market.”, but claimed that “There was no evidence of ‘obvious human-to-human transmission’“.

In early period, Huanan Seafood Market being the suspected source of the epidemic and the virus being from the bats sold at the market were official conclusions. And the early diagnostic criteria included the contact with Huanan Seafood Market.

However, some facts implied that the seafood market was not the actual origin: The first patient on Dec. 1st had no relation to the market; No one sold bats and no bats were found at the seafood market.

Obviously, the Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market was not the origin. The fact was clear even at the beginning. Then why Chinese Authorities told the world the false conclusion and even included it in the diagnostic criteria that a history of contact with Huanan Seafood Market?

2. The Mysterious Gene Sequence

On Jan. 10th, China disclosed the full genome sequence of the Wuhan novel coronavirus. Based on this, researchers had some findings.

Scientists found that the Wuhan coronavirus is highly similar to a bat SARS like coronavirus. And an S protein of Wuhan coronavirus is critical in its cross-species ability to infect humans.

3. The Discoveries of Dr. Shi Zhengli (石正丽)

Shi Zhengli was the first to locate the key how coronaviruses can overcome cross species barriers in order to directly infect human bodies. Her lab started to research coronavirus since 2003. And since 2010, she and her team focused on identifying the capacity for coronavirus transmission across species, specifically putting the spotlight on the S protein of the coronavirus, which means that her team has forced on the key for coronavirus across-species transmission ability.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Indian researchers compared the S protein sequence between 2019-nCoV and SARS, they discovered that 2019-nCoV had four new sequences inserted, all of which can be found in HIV sequences, indicting that the coronavirus might be modified manually. 

4. The Secret of the Wuhan P4 Laboratory

Shi Zhengli claimed that Wuhan coronavirus probably came from bats since the outbreak and lockdown of the city.

Jan. 2nd, the director-general of Wuhan P4 institute sent an email to all internal staff to tell everyone to prohibit disclosure of any information related to the Wuhan unknown pneumonia to any media.

Jan 21st, a new drug, “Remdesivir”, provided for free by U.S. to China for Wuhan coronavirus treatment, was patented by Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Feb. 3rd, Dr. Wu Xiaohua blew the whistle using his real name that Shi Zhengli’s haphazard laboratory management may have led the Wuhan virus to leak from the lab.

Feb. 7th, “top biochemical weapon expert” of the people’s liberation army, Chen Wei, officially assumed control cover Wuhan Institute of Virology’s P4 Laboratory.

Feb. 14th, Chinese leader Xi, called for the inclusion of biosecurity into China’s national security framework, and to accelerate the introduction of a biosecurity law.

After the outbreak of coronavirus, Chinese authorities prevented international experts from joining the investigation and used national television to slander all doctor from spreading “rumors”. If the disease happened naturally, why they blocked investigations?

Putting all the keys together, we can highly suspect that the P4 laboratory is not an ordinary academic research institute. Is this P4 lab used to create advanced biological weapons and served for CCP to control the world one day?

5. Facing the Pandemic

Speech suppression not only happened in mainland China, but also in western countries. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all helped CCP to cover the discussion of coronavirus and helped CCP to hide truth.

What is indeed the real disease? Not the coronavirus itself, but CCP! With the existence of this evil regime, the world is not safe!

We strongly believe that the truth will emerge in the near future. By that time, CCP must pay for what it has done!

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