Clarifying The Truth of Falun Dafa at Phoenix First Friday Art Walk

Arizona Falun Dafa practitioners have had a booth to clarify the truth at the very popular First Friday Art Walk each month for several years.

Displays have varied over time, with some as simple as a few demonstrating the exercises while others handed out fliers. Practitioners learned along the way that more elaborate dramatizations of the torture and organ harvesting atrocities attracted larger crowds and seemed to have a better effect in clarifying the truth on a larger scale.

Baked in the scorching summer heat of the Sonoran desert, residents of Phoenix, Arizona tend to stay inside air-conditioned buildings all day long, and venture outdoors only in the cooler hours after the sun goes down. The monthly First Friday art celebration takes advantage of this fact and draws thousands of local residents to stroll downtown streets after dark on the first Friday of each month. Dozens of local art galleries showcase their wares while vendors and causes of all kinds set up booths along the busy sidewalks. Crowds of all ages come and enjoy.

This past Friday, Phoenix practitioners set up a projector that illuminated a large outdoor movie screen measuring eight feet diagonally. Amplified speakers delivered high quality sound and a gasoline-powered generator provided electricity to keep it all going.

Spectators practice the Jieyin position along with Master Li

In the low ambient light cast by streetlights and the moonlit sky, Master Li’s image demonstrating the exercises was remarkably powerful and far reaching. Practitioners mentioned feeling a tremendous energy field while spectators of all ages gathered in front of the screen and followed Master Li along with the exercise movements.

The success of the large movie screen format will be repeated in months to come, not only with exercise demonstrations, but also with events to promote the Spectacular, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and the Human Rights Torch Relay.

Falun Gong practitioners also had a booth with banners, fliers, books and lotus flowers, and spoke to passersby about the practice and the persecution. Many people stopped to find out more, and many others expressed on their way by that they were happy to see Falun Gong return to the First Friday event each month.

(This news article also published at http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2007/9/10/89405p.html)

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