Falun Dafa should have freedom in China

China & Taiwan, a World Apart on Falun Dafa despite being 100 Miles Away.

A World of Difference Created by a Communist Regime versus a Democratic Goverment.

This nearly five minute long video from Falun Dafa Information Center eloquently pictures through its examples the dichotomy of reality between China and Taiwan.

As the video states, since China and Taiwan are only 100 miles apart, they have many things in common: “Taiwan and China share the same ethnicity, same culture, same history, and same language”.


The most remarkable difference between the two is that China has been ruled by the Chinese Communist Party while Taiwan has a democratic government. The different types of government have created a major contrast in the environments for their citizens, which for their land proximity becomes so noticeable and difficult to ignore.

How China treats Falun Gong practitioners compared to how Taiwan does displays a vivid illustration of these two different worlds.

While China’s Falun Gong’s practitioners suffer persecution through kidnappings from their homes, harassment for their faith, torture, and killing, in Taiwan Falun Gong is practiced openly, freely, and is also supported by the highest level of the country’s government.

The video also explains:

The core principles of Falun Gong are Truthfulness, Companion, and Tolerance. People who practice aspire to live by these principles in their daily lives. For doing so, in China they are villified and brutally persecuted, while in Taiwan, they are celebrated.” “This one fact speaks volumes to the differences between communist China and democratic Taiwan.

Watch the entire video “100 Miles Away, A World Apart” from Falun Dafa Infromation Center



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