How Barbara Bay starts Falun Gong cultivation

A Chance Encounter in a Community Library Resolves a Lifetime of Sicknesses

An Unhealthy Body from Unhealthy Environment

The life-story of Barbara Gay, a woman from Missouri, USA, is full of pain and suffering since early childhood. By the time she was a teenager, she found herself using alcohol and drugs to escape her reality of depression as well as her violent family environment.

A Flyer that Initiates Barbara into Falun Dafa’s Teachings

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Barbara’s health became complicated with a collection of serious disease diagnoses from lupus, depression, to rheumatoid arthritis. Barbara became so lost and tortured by her body that she had suicidal thoughts. However, she still longed to answer the questions of life’s purpose that she had always wondered about. One day, she decided to visit her community library, and while looking across the shelves there, a bright colored flyer caught her attention. It was a Falun Dafa flyer.

Falun Dafa’s Miraculous Effect in Barbara’s Life

Barbara immersed herself in reading Falun Dafa’s Book Zhuan Falun and to her own surprise after three months of studying and practicing the exercises her health condition started to improve miraculously, bringing her a sense of relief that she didn’t expect to find. She felt immensely grateful and decided to share her story to anyone who wanted to listen.  

Today, Barbara has been an active Falun Dafa practitioner for more than 18 years. She feels healthier than she ever has in her life.

Read Barbara’s full story here

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